7 Advantages of Buying a Condo

When buying real estate anywhere there are many factors to consider. Now-a-days, most people migrating to Belize for retirement or a vacation home opt for condo living. The advantages to owning a condo versus a traditional home are innumerable.

Here are 7 top advantages of buying a condo.

1. Price                                                                               

In comparison to buying or building your own home, the cost of owning a condo is very minimal. Most condos in Belize come with the same features of full-sized homes at a much lower price. The benefit of purchasing a condo versus renting an apartment is that the monthly rent would be the same as you’d pay on your condo mortgage; and in this instance, when the mortgage is paid off the condo is completely yours.

2. Low Maintenance

Condos come with very low outdoor maintenance. Almost all come with exterior property maintenance as a bonus amenity offered by the development owners. Whether it’s the pool that needs to be cleaned or the walkways paved, there will be staff available to take care of it.

3. Amenities

As previously mentioned, exterior maintenance is an added bonus for owning a condo but there are also a host of others that come along with package. Most condominiums have a pool onsite, gym facilities, BBQ equipment, and a whole lot more that’s free of charge at the residents’ disposal.

4. Customization

Similarly to owning your own home, a condo can be customized to your personal taste. This is another benefit over an apartment. Because you are the owner of the condo and not just a tenant, you can customize every aspect of the inside of your home to truly make it yours.

5. Social Environment

Because condos are usually within its own development, it is a great place to meet and engage with people. Even if you’re a shy person, you’ll always feel a part of your condo community.

6. Security

Condos are very secure. Because there are multiple units within the development, there will always be people around. Even if someone strange wanders in, your neighbors are guaranteed to notice an unfamiliar face lingering around.

7. Profitable

Year after year, Belize has gained popularity as one of the top tourist and retirement destinations in the world. More and more people have visited, fell in love, and don’t ever want to leave. Many of these people have gone on to be condo owners in Belize. Owning a condo is a big money-maker, especially if it was purchased as a vacation home. Most condominiums offer property management. This is a great feature if you’re going to be away from your home for a while and want to rent it out. All the technical work is done for you by the management staff; and your condo will be well maintained and generate income while you’re gone.

If you think condo ownership is right for you, visit Playa del Consejo and see which home is right for you.