Look Inside Your New Home!

The construction on Playa del Consejo‘s condos for sale in Belize has been making steady progress. We’re excited to announce that all three buildings (Ocean Front, Ocean View and Garden View) in phase one are almost complete.

As you step into the development, you’ll notice the new look of the condo buildings that are now freshly painted and finished with exterior fixtures. Outside of each building has metal railing bars along the staircase as well as on the verandas and lighting all around. The verandas also have ceiling fans to keep you cool when enjoying the outdoor space of these condos.

Ocean front condos for sale in Belize

Work on the grounds is also gaining steam on its way to completion.  The cement base for the infinity salt-water pool has already begun emerging from the mud dugout that was previously there. Reclamation has also begun for the man-made beach area on the shore of the development.

The interior of the condos are complete giving a true feeling of home. The kitchens have been fully decorated with strong wooden cabinets, beautiful granite counter-tops, and stainless steel appliances (including refrigerator, microwave, stove and dishwasher). The bathroom follow a similar feel with hardwood cabinets and shelves for added storage and granite counters around the sinks. The bedrooms have also been completed with beds and spacious closets. Tiled floors flow throughout the entire condo tying all the rooms together.

Kitchen in Condo at Playa del Consejo

Come choose the perfect condo in Belize for you, only at Playa del Consejo!

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Choose the Right Condo in Belize with Playa del Consejo!

Need help choosing the right condo in Belize? Here’s a quick guide highlighting the main features of Playa del Consejo’s condos to help you decide!

Playa del Consejo has Belize condos for sale on the beach of one of the best retirement communities in Belize – Consejo Shores. There are many bonus amenities available at Playa del Consejo like an infinity salt-water swimming pool, 150-foot boat dock, the only beach in Consejo Shores, gazebo and BBQ grill to name a few. If you’re considering moving to Belize, Playa del Consejo is the perfect place to call home. With 3 different condos to choose from, the decision of which to choose might seem overwhelming but this detailed guide of home features is here to help.

Oceanfront Condos

The oceanfront condos at Playa del Consejo are directly in front of the beach directly facing the Caribbean Sea. There will be six ocean front condos in the development once both phases are complete, 2 first floor condos consisting of 3,116 sq. ft. each and 4 ground floor condos of 1,401 sq. ft. each.

The two larger first-floor condos consist of two spacious bedrooms each with their own closet and 4-piece ensuite bathroom. The main living areas consist of a very open floor plan with a half bath, living room, dining room, full kitchen with an island, and an office. There are covered decks to both sides of this condo, one off the living room and the other off the dining. There is also a mechanical room on the deck which houses a washer and dryer. Features that complete the condo are hardwood cabinets and stainless steel appliances, granite countertops in the kitchen, air conditioning, sliding screened windows with interior hurricane shutters and tiled floors.

The ocean front condos on the ground floor are a meeker size of 1,401 sq. ft. without sacrificing features or function. These condos also have two spacious bedrooms with their own closets offering ample storage. There is a full three-piece bathroom and a quaint half bath in the units. The living space spans the entire width of the unit from the kitchen with its own island and pantry to the dining area and onto the living room overlooking the covered deck. The bonus to these ground-floor condos is the attached motorized garage which adds security and comfort to the home.

Ocean View Condos

Playa del Consejo has 8 ocean view condos varying in three different sizes in its development. They consist of either 1,401 sq. ft., 1,644 sq. ft. or 1,659 sq. ft.. The smaller units can be found on the ground floor. What they lack in living space is made up in their attached motorized garages. These ground floor units have two bedrooms and one and a half bathrooms. The living quarters have a very open and airy layout and include a kitchen with island, pantry, utility room, dining area and living room overlooking the deck.

The first floor units vary slightly in square footage but offer a more spacious indoor area than the ground floor units. Similarly, these upper units have two bedrooms and one and a half baths. The living area is also set up in a parallel to the ground floor but with a much larger utility room and deck space. Like the oceanfront condos, the ocean view units are finished with tiled floors, screened sliding windows, hardwood cabinets, stainless steel appliances and air conditioning.

Garden View Condos

The four garden view condos that will be available at Playa del Consejo come in two different sizes – 1,495 sq. ft. and 1,181 sq. ft.. Both units are on the first floor, and enjoy the same finished furnishings of the preceding condos. The ground floor of the garden view building serves as garages for the condominium.

The larger of the two units has two bedrooms and one three-piece bathroom. The living quarters consist of a kitchen with pantry and stainless steel appliances, and a dining room/ living room combination. This unit also has a spacious covered deck adjacent to the living room. The second garden view condo has one bedroom and one bathroom. Although it is the smallest in the development, it is equally well-built and offers the same conveniences without being overwhelming in size. The condo offers plenty of storage space with double closets, storage cabinet, pantry and utility room; and affords a spectacular view from its private deck.

Playa del Consejo condos each have their own unique characteristics and to match any family’s taste; and its prime location, beachfront in Consejo Shores, makes it ideal for retirees and expats migrating to Belize. Call us today, and choose your condo in Belize with us!

Where to go in Corozal?

Corozal is the northern most district of Belize. Because it is not a popular tourist attraction like other parts of the country, this is the perfect place to relax and experience Belize at your own pace. Although Corozal tends to be a very quiet and laid-back place, this town has a lot to offer.

So, where exactly is there to go in Corozal? Here’s a short list of a few places you might like.

1. Cerros Mayan Ruins – Cerros is located in the Chetumal Bay. These ruins were excavated in the 1970’s and consists of over 52 acres with several plazas and pyramid structures. There have also been tombs, a ball court and several other artifact excavated at this site. Take a trip there and see what all the mystical Mayas left behind.

2. Santa Rita Mayan Ruins – The Santa Rita Archaeological Reserve is located on the outskirts of Corozal, Belize. The Mayas occupied this site from around 2000 to 1200 BCE. It was excavated in 1985 and several sculptures and figures were found at the site.

3. Corozal House of Culture – The Corozal House of culture was inaugurated on February 24, 2012.The House of Culture was built to promote the town’s culture and nurture upcoming talents.Here, you will be able to see some exhibits and concerts by local and some international talents.

4. Corozal Bay Wildlife Sanctuary – The sanctuary was established in 1998 and preserves approximately 178,000 acres. The sanctuary protects endangered animals such as the Goliath Grouper, Hawks-bill Turtle, West Indian Manatee and the Bull Shark.

5. San Pedro – San Pedro town is on Ambergris Caye, the largest island in Belize. San Pedro is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. The island boasts many luxury resorts, restaurants, bars and water activities (snorkeling, diving, fishing, jet skiis, parasailing).

6. Free Zone – The Free Zone is located at the northern border between the Mexican City of Chetumal and Corozal. The Free Zone offers duty free goods like groceries, liquor, perfumes, colognes, clothes, and much much more.

7. Casino – Also located at the northern border is the Golden Princess Hotel & Casino. The casino offers a Las Vegas style experience with slot machines, card tables, game bets, live entertainment, drinks and food.

The above is only a short list of things to do in Corozal. Come and experience it for yourself. You’ll definitely want to stay for more!

Remember, to check out our Belize condos for sale and make Corozal your permanent address!

7 Advantages of Buying a Condo

When buying real estate anywhere there are many factors to consider. Now-a-days, most people migrating to Belize for retirement or a vacation home opt for condo living. The advantages to owning a condo versus a traditional home are innumerable.

Here are 7 top advantages of buying a condo.

1. Price                                                                               

In comparison to buying or building your own home, the cost of owning a condo is very minimal. Most condos in Belize come with the same features of full-sized homes at a much lower price. The benefit of purchasing a condo versus renting an apartment is that the monthly rent would be the same as you’d pay on your condo mortgage; and in this instance, when the mortgage is paid off the condo is completely yours.

2. Low Maintenance

Condos come with very low outdoor maintenance. Almost all come with exterior property maintenance as a bonus amenity offered by the development owners. Whether it’s the pool that needs to be cleaned or the walkways paved, there will be staff available to take care of it.

3. Amenities

As previously mentioned, exterior maintenance is an added bonus for owning a condo but there are also a host of others that come along with package. Most condominiums have a pool onsite, gym facilities, BBQ equipment, and a whole lot more that’s free of charge at the residents’ disposal.

4. Customization

Similarly to owning your own home, a condo can be customized to your personal taste. This is another benefit over an apartment. Because you are the owner of the condo and not just a tenant, you can customize every aspect of the inside of your home to truly make it yours.

5. Social Environment

Because condos are usually within its own development, it is a great place to meet and engage with people. Even if you’re a shy person, you’ll always feel a part of your condo community.

6. Security

Condos are very secure. Because there are multiple units within the development, there will always be people around. Even if someone strange wanders in, your neighbors are guaranteed to notice an unfamiliar face lingering around.

7. Profitable

Year after year, Belize has gained popularity as one of the top tourist and retirement destinations in the world. More and more people have visited, fell in love, and don’t ever want to leave. Many of these people have gone on to be condo owners in Belize. Owning a condo is a big money-maker, especially if it was purchased as a vacation home. Most condominiums offer property management. This is a great feature if you’re going to be away from your home for a while and want to rent it out. All the technical work is done for you by the management staff; and your condo will be well maintained and generate income while you’re gone.

If you think condo ownership is right for you, visit Playa del Consejo and see which home is right for you.

Find your dream home in Belize at Playa del Consejo

Looking to escape the ordinary? Ready for winters to be a thing of the past? Then you’re in the right place!

Playa del Consejo is the destination you’ve been yearning for. One of Belize’s newest developed communities, Playa del Consejo offers all the style and amenities you need packed in a relaxed and secure environment.

The development plan consists of 6 condominium buildings divided into 2 phases. Each phase has 9 individual units split between the Garden View, Ocean View and Ocean Front buildings. For added security, there are designated garages for each unit within the development.

Playa del Consejo also offers its residents 24 hour access to a host of amenities on site. One of the main features is the beach, which is currently being reclaimed. This is what sets us apart from other properties in Consejo Shores. The entire community of Consejo Shores is lined by the sea; but, only Playa del Consejo can provide access to a real beach merely steps away from your home.

Other amenities provided are the Salt-water Infinity Pool, Covered Gazebo, BBQ Grill, Boat Dock, Elevators, Exterior Property Maintenance and optional Property Management Services.

Playa del Consejo was designed with you in mind; from our picturesque location with fantastic water views to its modern turn-key residences with ample amenities to satisfy all your needs.

We’d love to help you find your dream home with us. Contact us for more details on the different condo units we have available and get ready to retreat to your seaside sanctuary.

Ocean Front Condo under Construction at Playa del ConsejoCorozal Bay View from Playa del Consejoocean-view-condo